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(1) the engine operation and maintenance - the new engine running in the matters needing attention

1, into the exhaust pipe, bundling hoop, complete, reliable fixation.

2, the fuel tank, fuel gas firm installation, no crack damage of bracket.

3, the engine support complete loose.

4, the belt is complete, no oil, no crack, belt tightness applied 40N force, deflection is 10-15mm.

5, four cover a complete and effective ruler. (fuel tank cover, a water tank cover, add the oil filler cap, oil cup cover, the oil foot.

(2) the use of matters and maintenance of Retarder

1, drive line the terminals are firmly connected, the insulating base without damage, the wire harness without interference.

2, check the total bond strap tight retarder

3, the controller is installed firmly, relay contacts without adhesion.

4, check fastening the insurance tablet, dust cover fully intact.

5, check the retarder display panel, the normal work.

6, check the stator, rotor clearance: KBK butterfly 1.3-1.7mm series, KBC series of 0.8-1.2mmdrum.

7, check the stator and rotor fixed bolt looseness, each component of non oily surface.

8, the transmission shaft and the flange connection is not loose.

(3) the vehicle air-conditioning maintenance

1, refrigeration parts:

The examination of the compressor and air conditioner generator fixed bolt tightening.

Check the air conditioner main wire and ground wire binding post, firm fastening, corner sheathintact, no interference; inspection tight main fire insurance plate, fastening insurance terminal, a dustproof cover are complete.

The control panel is complete, the system is working properly.

2, plumbing parts:

The inspection of pipelines, firm fixation, no concavity, no leakage.

Check the radiator, no leakage, the wind machine in normal operation, the box body is installed firmly.

The examination of defrosting machine, normal work.

Check the water pump, the normal work.

Inspect the rocker switch, flexible and effective, firm installation.

Contact the insurance piece check good, the main power dressing fixation wire.

(4) gearbox maintenance

1, clean automatic gearbox

2, Forit automatic transmission oil change interval mileage of 60000 kilometers (oil for ATF220,such as the use of oil is ATF LT71141, then the oil change interval mileage of 120000 kilometers),Alison automatic transmission oil change interval mileage of 120000 kilometers (Allison automatic transmission oil is TRANSYND special oil); replacement of the filter element replacement, automatic gearbox oil surface on the oil dipstick marker range.

3, check the automatic transmission oil pipe and joint: no interference, no damage, no oil leakage.

4, check the sealing condition of the cooler cooler: no damage, no leakage.

5, check the shift control panel: flexible shift keys, function is normal, stable fixation.

6, (AMT) automatic gearbox seized tight selector, gear motor, the replacement of gear oil, the oil surface is not lower than the level of screw holes at 15mm, smooth ventilation plug.

(5) maintenance of tyre

1, check the tire tread, no abnormal wear and damage.

2, check the tire screw tight, no loss, no loose.

3, check the tire pressure, valve dust cover is complete.